My zoology teachers at Stockholm Natural History Museum

Lena Gustavsson
Sven O. Kullander
Ulf Jondelius
Per Ericson
Fredrik Ronquist
Tobias Kånneby
Mia Jansson
Christina Franzén-Bengtson
Sabine Stöhr
Ellen Rehnberg
Marianne Espeland
Bo Delling
Bo Fernholm
Kjell Arne Johansson
Niklas Jönsson
Sibylle Noack
Magnus Gelang
Thomas Mörs
Anders Wahrén

and also my fellow students

Claes Dannbeck
Elina Eklund
Martina Andersson
Hena Sandhu

and a special thank you to

Birgitta Tullberg; who showed me the first Tree of Life I ever saw back in the days.
Ola Mattsson (my dad); for trying to answer my questions about the tree of life when I was young.
Kristian Xanthos; for helping me with greek translation (see: On the origin of names).
Rafael Cantera, Bertil Borg and Heinrich Dircksen; my zoology teachers at Stockholm University.
Joseph Nelson; for an inspiring lecture at the FishBase Symposium in Stockholm 2008.