Metazoa - Tree of Life

This homepage was created as part of a school project during a zoology course at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. It is meant to give you an overview of the tree of life concerning the metazoa, that is to say all multicellular animals. The sister group (closest relatives) of the metazoa are the choanoflagellates, based on the similarities between them and the choanocyte cells in sponges. Traditionally the tree of life is based largely upon morphological evidence but molecular studies are nowadays common when trying to understand the complex relationships between species.

Tree of Life

Choanocyte from Porifera

Bear in mind that this tree of life is by no means complete, or even correct for that matter, as many of its branches are still to be resolved. What this tree is meant to do is to give you an overview of all multicellular animals and to be an easy-to-use website when studying zoology.