Picture Copyrights

Note: I of course wish to give credit where it is due. Because of the nature of this homepage, which started as a school project, a great deal of images have been googled and their origins have been lost. I have resized and cut most pictures on this site and unfortuneately some credits may have been lost in the process. I have contacted, or at least tried to contact, the photographers and artists responsible for many of the pictures on this site. If your picture happens to be on this site, and I have not given you credit, please inform me and I will give you credit or remove the image in question if you so wish. Please remember that I chose your picture because it was a great picture and I meant no disrespect if I happened to use it without your permission. 

The pictures on the list below are the ones for which I have been able to establish the copyright owners. Since most of these pictures have been cut and resized, like I mentioned above, I have added the names of the copyright owners to these pictures at a later date.

Gastrotricha - T.Kånneby
Nemertopsis - T.Kånneby
Acoela - U.Jondelius
Ctenophora - L.J.Hansson
Portuguese Man'O'War - C.Dunn
Cubozoa - D.Doubilet
Rotifera - A.Calbet
Nautilus - S.Westmoreland
Trilobit - J.L.Amos
Krill - G.F.Mobley
Lobster - B.J.Skerry
Whaleshark - B.J.Skerry
Ostracod - D.Shale
Sea cucumber - J.Jackson
Sea squirt - T.Laman
Galapagos turtle - T.Laman
Great white shark - E.Hanauer
Roach - N.Sloth
Latimeria - G.Lacz
Iguana - G.Groll
Tuatara - F.Lanting
Crocodile - G.Lanzetti
Pteranodon - G.Yamin
Nemertodermatida - M.Hooge
Craniiformea - P.Wirtz
Hexactinellida - D.Herschman
Ichtyosauria - H.Harder
Mite - P.Krasensky
Enantiornis - A.Weasley
Ammonite - R.Weller
Caddisfly - T.Murray
Apocrita larvae - D.Briggs
Butterfly larvae - J.A.Thomas
Hellgrammite - K.Fleming
Nematocera larvae - D.Rosen
Sawfly larvae - D.Adron
Flamingo - D.J.Southall
Tasmanian devil - I.Waldie
Koala - M.Taylor
Sea turtle - B.Curtsinger
Ankylosaurus - E.Bovor
Proboscis monkey - A.Shah
Shrew opossum - B.Patterson
Manatee - W.C.Skiles
Tubulidentata - B.Joubert
Hyaena - B.Joubert
Anteater - N.Duplaix
Aldabra tortoise - A.Pingstone
Sloth - R.Toft
Wolf - J.Sartore
Moschidae - G.Cubitt
Vampire bat - M.Fogden/P.Fogden
Flying fox - M.Trenerry
Tiger - M.Nichols
Anaspida - S.F.Fink
Pteraspidomorphi - P.Janvier
Thelodonti - P.Janvier
Pituriaspida - P.Janvier
Soricidae - M.Andera
Bear - N.Rosing
Dermoptera - P.Loh
Beaver - M.S.Quinton
Rat - V.J.Musi
Porcupine - B.Littlehales
Scandentia - R.A.Hill
Sea pen - I.Skipworth
Coral - I.Skipworth
Myxozoa - I.Fiala
Rooster - H.Barham
Sawfly larvae - A.Arnason
Priapulid - A.Migotto
Seisonidea - H.Segers

Phoronida - Zubi, starfish.ch
Acanthocephala - Houseman
Gorilla - Animal Planet
Syncarida - Michigan science art
Mammoth - BBC
Pseudoscorpiones - insectpod.com
Ant - insectpod.com
Dogfish shark - Discovery communications
Triceratops - National geographic
Stegosaur - Harper Collins
Red panda - Craymark studios
Ferret - WeaselWords.com
Pholidota - Taipei zoo
Pig - SugarMillFarm.com
Gyrinocheilus aymoneri - Samitroy
Triops - Fischbar.de
Megalodon - Everything Dinosaur
Brachiosaur - Vigorro, cavz.com
Eurypterida - DK, pixel-shack.com
Indricotherium - DK, pixel-shack.com
Dimetrodon - DK, pixel-shack.com
Ichtyosaur - DK, pixel-shack.com

Disney: Jiminy cricket, Ferdinand, Donald DuckLittle mermaid, Bambi, The Fox and the hound, The Jungle book, The Lion king, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, The Emperor's New GroovePeter Pan
Disney/Pixar: A bug's life, Finding Nemo, Rataouille
Dreamworks: Madagascar, Kung Fu PandaShark tale
Blue Sky Studios: Ice Age
SEGA: Sonic the Hedgehog
NellyBeans: Spider
Nickelodeon: SpongeBob Squarepants
Dansk Tegnefilm: Samson og Sally
Team 17: Worms
Aardman animations: Sheep
Warner Brothers: Looney Tunes
Jim Henson: Kermit the Frog
Amblin Entertainment: The land before time