The Tolkien Monster Encyclopedia
by Calle Mattsson
This page is devoted to all the monsters and races belonging to darkness.
Here you will find Orcs, Goblins, Balrogs and many more fearsome creatures.

Balrogs (Valaraukar) are rare creatures, enormous in size and extremely dangerous in combat. The most famous Balrog is the one who faught against Gandalf in Moria (LotR). They are maiar who followed Morgoth instead of the light. Balrogs use magical flaming whips and often combine this deadly weapon with a sabre. Durin´s Bane was the name given to the Balrog of Moria by the dwarves, called the Flame of Udûn by Gandalf. Gothmog, the son of Morgoth and the troll Fluithuin (Ulbandi); slayer of Fëanor, Fingon and Echtelion; lord of the Balrogs and high-captain of Angband was a mighty balrog who was slain in the Beleriand wars.