The Tolkien Monster Encyclopedia
by Calle Mattsson
This page is devoted to all the monsters and races belonging to darkness.
Here you will find Orcs, Goblins, Balrogs and many more fearsome creatures.

1. "Easterlings" was the general term used for all of Sauron´s eastern allies during the war of the ring. 2. The Silmarillion mentions a people called easterlings that were allies with Morgoth. Also called Swarthy Men. They came to Beleriand from the east after the battle of Dagor Bragollach (the battle of sudden flame) and fought on both sides in Nirnaeth Arnoediad (the battle of unnumbered tears). Few names of these men were passed on in histories, but Ulfang the black, and his sons Ulfast, Ulworth and Uldor, earned fame by the virtue of committing the greatest treachery. Morgoth gave the easterlings the land of Hithlum to live in and they oppressed the remnant of the People of Hador living there.